Is my living in vain? No, of course not!! know the rest!!!

What a way to start off my birthday!!!! My daughter @yungbabytate sent me so much love this morning, and I can say fosho HELL to the NAW, it's not!!

It's real... it's my birthday #dec4 #45queen I'm blessed!! #2014 will be off the rip working with @kdope50 #juniemorrison @rasheedchappell #raheem_devaughn #russellgunn #charlie_hunter @countbassD #danielmarch and more! I look forward to the future!! But here's to now!! Enjoy my new single #whereisitmostcomfortableforyou released today, my birthday gift to me and to you!!!! #happybirthday #toallthearchers! Check the link below and download the song!

See her pix and read her IG birthday wishes to me and my response!!! JOY JOY JOY!

Where Is It Most Comfortable For You?

Here's to now!! Enjoy Dionne's New Single, released today, December 4, 2013, to celebrate Lady DY's birthday and music, as gift to herself and to you, her fans!!!! Let it speak to your hearts!

Download Now $1.29
Song Credits: Lyrics, Dionne Farris; Music, Daniel March


02/18/2014 00:57

Hi Dionne,
It was sooOO great meeting you at the Market today; I will definitely follow your page, and checkout your new music; I have been a fan since Hopeless, and arrested development days-Love Your Voice Sister!

Also we are starting a NEW Scuba Diving Club in Atlanta! The name of our dive club is - The Southern SeaQuestrians, better known as, SSQ. We are an affiliate dive club of the National Association of Black Scuba Divers (NABS). Our GRAND OPENING is set to launch on Saturday, March 22nd, and we would LOVE for you to come check us out. If YOU, or anyone you know might be interested in diving or learning how to dive…please encourage & invite them to attend. Event will be held Saturday, March 22nd at 3:00 PM at the:

Courtyard Atlanta Airport West
3400 Creek Pointe Dr East Point, GA
(404) 344-4414

Rob Watts
Vice President &
Founding Member, SSQ

02/21/2014 02:51

Hello Dionne,
My name is Paul Ranallo. I came across your youtube page for "Hopeless". Soon after I discovered your website. I decided to put my comment on your blog page so as you may have a better chance of reading it. It's a well thought out read as I went as deep as your music to conjour up its' contents. Wishing you all the best on your latest gig, Paul
I am a middle age white male who is a radio announcer, producer engineer, musicologist etc... Out of all the music that came out in the 90's it is my opinion that Dionne Farris' major hit is a timeless, classic, all out blitz of what I consider "The perfect song" That goes for the band on that track as well. That song has it all going on. Dionnes powerful fluid voice going in and out of different vocal patterns over dubbing it at points.The band is in the jam throwing in tight twists and turns that keep you in the "ROCK". The guitar player rippn' it up, changn' it up, fast as a hurricane, stop on a dime, then back in the rythym. Yup folks, this is as good as it gets. Why nothing grammy signifigant since? I don't know. But I do know that record companies do choose the winners and loosers many times. Unfair but true. Nothing not good enough comes from Dionne! It' only the best, timeless and classic. Maybe that's not been "IN" to record companies all these years. Maybe Dionne has to strip naked on stage, worship satan or be caught up in scandal. Dionne is pure beautiful music, and the public has been robbed of it. I've always hoped that she has been able to successfully work and live in music despite the lack of hits.

04/19/2014 01:18

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10/10/2014 01:07

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Belated happy birthday Dionne, it's good to see you believe in growing up and not growing old. You are blessed to have a daughter who makes you feel special I pray that all the parents get such children who make their lives worth living. A big shout out for you.


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