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We are in the homestretch (The portion of a racetrack from the last turn to the finish line) now! 58% funded with 19 days left! We want you to get to your paypal, tell a friend, pledge again, send this to someone who loves music like you do, who’s a fan of Dionne Farris, of Charlie Hunter, of Dionne Warwick, of Burt Bacharach!!! With your help, this CD/vinyl is going to be spectacular! We are so stoked to create this project for you to enjoy!

In the meantime, here’s another moment for you to experience from our first show!

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Kenny Dope & Dopewax Records: Gorilla Mode EP (WMC 2014)
Various Artists

1.Kenny Dope & Raheem DeVaughn - MJ 
2.Kenny Dope & Dionne Farris - On & On 
3.Kenny Dope & Josh Milan - Let Me See You 
4.Kenny Dope ft. Neysa - Watch Me Work 
5.Axxis - All I'm Askin' - The S'Man/Kenny Dope 2014 Remix Edit 
6.Man Without A Clue - Take You Out

Sultry Vocals & Modern Jazz Trumpet

This event has passed.

Dionne and Russell have been stranded by a snow day in Atlanta!  Stay tuned for their new performance date.

About Dionne Farris And Russell Gunn

It’s well known that Dionne Farris knows her way around rock, pop, soul and even hip hop, and is lauded for her vocal contribution to Arrested Development’s hit single “Tennessee.”  But what about jazz? If her recent collaboration with Russell Gunn and his quartet is any indication, she has no problem mastering that genre either. The two powerhouse musicians came together for Atlanta performances in which the Russell Gunn Quartet re-imagined Farris’ songbook. Not wanting the rest of the world to be left out, they recorded the sets and have packaged them for new album Dionne Get Your Gunn. Gunn’s reworks of hits like the GRAMMY-nominated “I Know” and “Hopeless,” as well as lesser known works like “Fair,” are innovative and fresh, adding new layers and dimensions to old favorites. Perhaps the most transformed of the set is “I Know.” The song is stripped of its buzzy guitar and funky groove, replacing the familiar elements with a fleshed out 5/4 time signature jazz groove full of piano and high hat. Instead of robbing the song of its urgency, it changes it to a heartfelt lament that allows Dionne’s voice to really soar to the highest of highs.

What Other People Have Been Saying...
“This is a must-attend musical experience for jazz and soul lovers.” — Creative Loafing Atlanta

date:Wednesday, Feb 12, 2014
cost:$32BOX OFFICE 612-332-5299

Fri 2/14 @ 8:05 & 10PM

Sat 2/15 @ 8 & 10PM

Dionne Farris’s haunting voice contributed to the distinctive sound of Arrested Development’s 1992 debut album with its big hit “Tennessee.” It was a key element in the group’s widespread appeal to a mainstream audience hungry for a hip-hop alternative to the then-burgeoning gangsta rap, offering a smoother and more sophisticated sound.

Her vocals on that song and several other Arrested Development tracks allowed her to launch her own career with 1994’sWild Seed — Wild Flower on Columbia Records. Well, she tried anyway. After a flurry of activity in the mid ’90s, including a hit single “I Know,” TV and soundtrack appearances, and recording a second album for Columbia which didn’t come out until 2007, she fell off the radar.

She re-emerged with 2011’s appropriately titled Signs of Life, followed by Lady Dy The Mixtape Part 1 later that year.

Then last year, she released Dionne Get Your Gunn featuring the Russell Gunn Quartet. (Like Signs of Life and Lady Dy the Mixtape, it came out on her own Free & Clear Records, which sounds like a dig at her former major label.) With jazz trumpeter Gunn, whose resume includes a stint in the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, Dionne explores her jazz leanings on this live recording. She’s spectacular— wailing, crooning, declaiming, leaping long intervals, wrapping complex phrases deftly around her tongue.

Next on deck is a duo album with guitarist Charlie Hunter titled DionneDionne in which she sings songs associated with soul legend Dionne Warwicke. With so much output, it looks like she’s making up for lost time.

Farris will be at Nighttown with the Russell Gunn Quartet to recreate what she called in the Pledgemusic campaign that funded her album “some pretty magical renditions of my music with Russell’s incredible arrangements.” She’s performing two nights, two shows per night, so you have plenty of chances to catch her and realize how much she’s been missed.

Tickets are $25.


Is my living in vain? No, of course not!! ...you know the rest!!!

What a way to start off my birthday!!!! My daughter @yungbabytate sent me so much love this morning, and I can say fosho HELL to the NAW, it's not!!

It's real... it's my birthday #dec4 #45queen I'm blessed!! #2014 will be off the rip working with @kdope50 #juniemorrison @rasheedchappell #raheem_devaughn #russellgunn #charlie_hunter @countbassD #danielmarch and more! I look forward to the future!! But here's to now!! Enjoy my new single #whereisitmostcomfortableforyou released today, my birthday gift to me and to you!!!! #happybirthday #toallthearchers! Check the link below and download the song!

See her pix and read her IG birthday wishes to me and my response!!! JOY JOY JOY!

Where Is It Most Comfortable For You?

Here's to now!! Enjoy Dionne's New Single, released today, December 4, 2013, to celebrate Lady DY's birthday and music, as gift to herself and to you, her fans!!!! Let it speak to your hearts!

Download Now $1.29
Song Credits: Lyrics, Dionne Farris; Music, Daniel March
#RIP Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly #KrisKross Dead at 34 Gone too soon.
I remember doing their hair for the first photo magazine shoot they every did. Jermaine dropped them off to my house an I did their twists. They would always say "we gone be large" and "we gone blow up...watch". God rest your soul Kris.<3

"I'm so glad they won a #Grammy for 'Best New Artist' 20 years ago. @ADtheBAND @SpeechofAD @Eshe2xGrammy @DionneFarris #UnSung" - @Jeremy_Horn


I must give THEE biggest thanks to you 111 soldiers in the struggle with me, helping me to keep doing what I do! WOW! This is a true milestone in my career, seeing the real effects of you, my fans in my life. Truly supporting the music with your love, your efforts, your time and your money. You have given me the opportunity to continue to do the work that The Creator has put in me to do...to sing and speak to the world in song; for the truth and for my life! God bless all of you and RIGHT ON! 
Dionne Farris
"Right On" (Earl DeRouen/Marvin Gaye)
Hey baby
That's alright people
I know that's alright
Oh, when we love each other
I know that's alright
Oh feel it, feel it
Oh everybody feel it
God know that's alright, yes
Some of us were born
With money to spend
Some of us were born
For races to win
Some of us are aware
That it's good for us to care
Some of us feel the icy wind
Of poverty blowing in the air
For those of us who simply like to socialize
For those of us who tend the sick
Ah, and heed the people's cries
Let me say to you
Right on
Right on, feel it
Yea, oh, oh, Oh Lord, Lord, people
And I say, Right on
Honey right on
For those of us who live
Where peace is craved
For those of us who live, uh-huh
Where hatred is enslaved, alright
For those of us who live a life
Yea, surrounded by good fortune and wealth
Talk about it
Those of us who live a life
Hey, hey, hey enjoying ourselves
For those of us who got drowned
In the sea of happiness
For the soul that takes pride in his God
And himself and everything else
That's all it is
We need love
That's all it is
Oh, oh
Love, love
Love's the thing
Love, love, love, love
Sweet love, love
Wonderful love
Ah, true love, love
Love for your brother
Love, for God
Pure love
Love can conquer hate everytime
Give out some love and you'll find
Peace sublime
And my darling, one more thing
If you let me, I will take you
To live where love is King
Ah, ah baby, baby
Ah, ah, ah, baby
People, people
People who love and care
That's alright

Frederick Williams
Jeffery Smith
Sherri Williams
Khalfani Rushiddin
Derrick Hutton
Carla Howard
Thomas Beer
Robert Eck
William Errol Adams
Anwar Otey
Christian John Wikane
Peter Jebsen-Marwedel
Susan Berry
Brannon Boyle
16Steven Gunter
Daniel March
Mark Peña
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Jennie Otey 
Seenah Hermann 
Michelle Robinson 
Dionne Farris 
Nicole Kirnon Ra-Amon YaiYai
Linda Fils-Aime 
Veronica Wade
Adam Harris 
Tremel Dunkin 
K Neycha Herford
Dwayne Taylor 
Kafi Dilworth 
Gwen Crews 
Damian Robinson 
Susan Ross 
Anna Vetrano 
Kimberly Coleman-Mitchell 
Lydia Hinds 
Clarence Stockton 
Elaine Richardson 
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CB Smith-Dahl 
Sweet Lu Unome
Mariska Angall
Raquel Hill
Richrd Farris
Cecile Thalley 
Anthony Serra
Sabrina Harris
Gordon R. Farris
Christopher Rosser
Eugenia Harvey
Dr. Kellyn Hodges
WIlliam Ozier
Bart Phillips
Robert Williams
Matt Lydon
Eric Law
Tamara Haire
Loren Roberts
Mary Herbert
Valerie Dionne Parker
Judith Toussaint
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BigMama Harder
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Jennifer Brown Washington
William Washington 
Kalamu Salaam
Blog With Me Daily; In Memory of 7th Grade Science
Leo Kelly was my science teacher in middle school. Mr. Kelly was a great teacher. I believe I remember a bonus question on "The Science Test"...The Q:Why?   The A:Why not?"
Leo J. Kelly II CREAM RIDGE - Leo J. Kelly II, 74, of Cream Ridge, passed away Monday, Jan. 14, 2013, at Deborah Heart and Lung Hospital in Browns Mills. Born in Perth Amboy, he was a longtime Allentown resident before moving to Cream Ridge in 2000. Leo retired from the MacFarland School in Bordentown after 35 years as a devoted science teacher, where he impacted the lives of three generations of students.  I will never forget it, or you Mr. Kelly, RIP. ~Dionne Farris 

Enjoy these mysteries of science in memory of Mr. Kelly. 

8 Simple Questions You Won't Believe Science Can't Answer
The 10 All Time Best Answers To: Why?

Blog With Me Daily; Early Bird or Night Owl...Which bird are

The Early Bird

  • Scientists from the University of Bologna infer that early birds are more conscientious people.
  • A 2008 study by psychologist Marina Giamnietro et al. indicates evening-people tend to be less reliable, less emotionally stable and more apt to suffer from depression, addictions and eating disorders.(1)  (From a personal perspective, “doh!”)
  • The American Psychologist Association agrees that ‘morningness’ is associated with greater positive emotions in all age groups.(6) Measuring happiness is subjective, but it does show ‘morningness’  is associated with positive emotions.
  • Published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, Christopher Randler, a professor at the University of Education in Heidelberg, Germany reported that early birds are more proactive than evening people, and so they do well in business. “They tend to get better grades in school, which gets them into better colleges which then leads to better job opportunities. Morning people also anticipate problems and try to minimize them. They’re proactive,” he says.(6)
The studies that say evening types are less reliable and stable, but that could be the result of night owls trying to fit the early bird way of life!

Let’s see what the night owls have to say about that.

The Night Owl

  • Research by Satoshi Kanazawa et al. at the London School of Economics discovered significant differences in sleep preferences, and found that people with higher IQs are more likely to be night owls. They found an evolutionary shift from being active in the day towards nightly pursuits and that those individuals who preferred to stay up late demonstrated “a higher level of cognitive complexity.”(2)
  • Researchers from Belgium and Switzerland studying sleep habits found that early risers needed more rest than their nocturnal counterparts and didn’t focus as well later in the day as those who slept in.(2)
  • Functional MRI studies were used to judge homeostatic sleep pressure- the body’s need for sleep- in night owls and early birds. The morning birds woke up between 4 and 5:30 a.m and went to bed by 9 p.m. The night owls went to bed at 3 or 4 a.m. and rose at noon.
  • In the night owls, increased activity was seen in two parts of the brain at 10.5 hours that are involved in regulating the circadian signal. Essentially, the circadian signal was winning out over the pressure to sleep.
  • For the early birds, on the other hand, “the sleep pressure prevents the expression of the circadian signal,” so those individuals were less able to keep their attention focused, says study coauthor Philippe Peigneux. The study is the first to show that circadian rhythms and sleep pressure interact to govern behavior.(4)
  • The early birds also felt sleepier and didn’t react as quickly during tasks. Researchers say early birds could be more sensitive to sleep pressure than night owls. (5)
Which Bird Are You?